Wednesday, 9 December 2015

3 ingredient: Reese's chocolate Brownies

I love Reese's.  It's a naughty indulgent treat, but sometimes it's nice to indulge!

All you will need for these gooey in the middle scrumpitiously yummy treat is...

  • One jar of Reese's Spread
  • 5 medium Free Range Eggs
  • 100g of self raising flour (you can use gluten free flour with this and it still works well!)

Pre heat the oven at 200 degrees C

Simply pour the whole jar of spread into a large bowl add the eggs and beat really well.

Then stir in the flour.

Pour onto a pre-greased cake tin and bake for 20 minutes.  The brownie should only have a slight wobble to it when it's done right.

Take out of the oven and try to wait long enough so not to burn one's mouth... Ha!


If you enjoyed this recipe please share!  Many thanks!